Model against Mediocrity


Shanna Lopez CEO, Nexus Real Es­tate Corp.

“Mediocrity is not in my vocabulary. If you want to do something, do it well, do it right and do it on time—there is no other way and I will accept no other way.”

Back in the day, Shanna planned on becoming a lawyer. However, before she could enroll in law school, she decided to help out a little in running their family business. It didn’t take long for her to learn the ropes of selling houses. She knew then that she had found her calling. This led her to helm their property development arm with the aim of turning it into the major industry player that it is now.

Shanna feels that the real estate development is both a business and a vocation as it allows her to provide families one of their basic needs— housing. Being in this business allows her to earn her keep and at the same time, do her share of nation-building. As for her edge in a male-dominated industry, she says it’s her femininity that allows her to give a labor of love to her homeowners by focusing not just on the structural and engineering technicalities of her projects, but the design details as well. This yields houses that exude warmth and coziness that most homeowners look for.

As chief executive officer of Nexus, Shanna leads by example. She creates a vision for the company and works every day to make it a reality. She motivates her employees to give it their best in what they do so that their customers get nothing but the best products and services. She admits being inspired by rags-to-riches stories and people who strive to make a difference in the world however little the means. She also looks up to the likes of chairman Roberto Ongpin, who has made an iconic development that is the island paradise Balesin. Her biggest inspiration though, is her mother and mentor who raised her to be who she is today.

Leading a well-balanced life and spending time with those who matter to her is what brings out the best in her. Loving what you do and committing yourself to excellence in everything you do are some of Shanna’s tips on succeeding at whatever career path you’re on.