ANTARA: Launched and Rebranded

Launched last January 28, 2016, Antara is now ready to embrace property buyers and investors who want to have the most of their money or have more than just that.

Masterplanned and designed by NEXUS Real Estate Corporation, Antara is the corporation’s flagship project. It sits on a 2.9 hectare property situated on the rolling hills of Lawaan III in Talisay City.

The entire development will feature five mid-rise residential condominiums ranging from 8 to 12 levels with bigger-than-average unit sizes per floor.

Each unit will have its own private balcony allowing owners to gaze on panoramic views of the twin cities of Talisay and Cebu and the Bohol Strait. It will also incorporate a first-of-a-kind adventure park that is about one-third of the entire property.

Antara, however is already a newly-carried brand. From its former name, Amandari, the project was renamed since the name was not totally reflective of its unique elements as it was restrictive to its resident units only. After a series of strategic meetings with board members and senior managers, it was decided to re-brand the project from Amandari to ANTARA, Ms. Shanna Louise T. Lopez mentioned.

“Residential. Recreational. Possibilities,” — that has been Antara’s new tagline in which the first two words basically describe the project’s main components, residential and recreational. The last word, “possibilities”, however “sums up how buyers/investors/guests would like to appreciate their entry into the project. They can be a straight out unit owner, a rental unit owner, a lifestyle hub member, a property speculator, and a lot more,” Ms. Lopez mentioned.

Basically, Antara “leaves it up to the clients’ imagination on how to treat their investment” she added.
“Antara” is an Indonesian phrase which means “in between”. According to Ms. Lopez, the name Antara is more reflective of the multi-dimensional feature of the project.

“We felt that taken together as a whole, our project is the perfect ‘in-between’. It is a real estate unit cum investment instrument cum vacation getaway cum lifestyle hub. What we basically did was to position the project ‘in-between’ so many industries – property development, property leasing, hospitality, leisure lifestyle, investment portfolios, etc. and reflected the familiar elements of these industries to come up with a very unique project proposition,” she explained further.